Why Trust Us - Our Storm Readiness Planning and Response Plans

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storm survival

Woodstock Hardware is truly committed, and uniquely qualified, to help you protect your family and home during a wide variety of storm events and emergencies. Here is why.

1. Years of Experience

Responding to your needs and the needs of our community in times of trouble are not new to Woodstock Hardware. We've been serving the special needs of our community and customers during a wide variety of storm events and emergencies for almost 20 years. This has included heat waves, flooding, hurricane's, wind storms, ice storms, and blizzards.

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2. Knowledge

In times of trouble knowledge is king. We've learned firsthand what products, supplies, and information are needed to meet our customers' needs. This past experience and wealth of knowledge has allowed us at Woodstock Hardware to plan and prepare to meet the needs of our customers during truly trying times.

The range of questions we get is so diverse.
Here are some examples:

Plus we are always prepared and fully stocked, even with potable water for our customers.

3. Understanding and Perspective

We understand the conditions our customers face during storm events and emergency conditions. This understanding stems from our first hand experience that includes:

a. By living locally our families and homes are experiencing and living through the same conditions as our customers. And in many cases our families are having to survive the emergency, while we are away from home meeting the needs of our customers and community.

b. In 2008 Woodstock Hardware store burned to the ground. As a result we know firsthand the trials and tribulations associated with both the loss and recovery efforts associated with emergency situations. Click here to learn more about the December 2008 fire.

4. Proximity to Our Warehouse - The Daily Re-Supply Chain

Do it Bests East Coast Distribution Center is just down the road outside of Newburgh, New York, a short drive from our store. They stock more than 80,000 items, serving a geographic area extending from Maine to Baltimore to Ohio. What does that mean?

a. Unlike most, we are only an hour away from a vast supply of storm and emergency supplies and products.

b. We can drive to the warehouse every day to re-supply our store with supplies during storm events and emergencies.

c. We are fully qualified to meet the needs of our community and customers during storm conditions and times of emergencies.

And that is exactly what we do. As an example.

During hurricane's Irene and Sandy, Woodstock Hardware employees drove to the warehouse every day to pick up supplies as they arrived in the warehouse to help meet the need of our customers' and community.

As you can see Woodstock Hardware is committed and uniquely qualified to help you protect your family and home during a wide range of storm events and emergency conditions. So the next time you are preparing, or in the need of emergency supplies, remember Woodstock Hardware is here to help you.

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