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Leave the worrying to us! After researching dozens of private and government sites, we created a comprehensive assortment of the best, quality products and supplies you need. These products will help you prepare, survive and clean up after the next major storm event. You won't find this list anywhere else. Know what you want? Ready to shop? Click here.  |   Why Trust Us


Want to be prepared for a storm? Vince Christofora, recognized in a national hardware magazine for his storm survival know-how, tells all. Read the complete article.


8 Great $ Savings

Who doesn't love to save money? At Woodstock Hardware we paired some of the most needed supplies to survive a storm, and when you buy the pair you save $$$. Here's an example:

Inverter Cable Kit Combo



  6' 6in1 USB2.0 Cable Kit

USB 6/1 Kit

Total $35.98


Top 10 Storm Survival Products

Most popular items needed BEFORE the storm hits. Stock up today.

smoke detector storm radio freez pak

Storm Survival Kits

superior storm survival kit advanced storm survival kit

Storm Survival Kits are great to have and to give…
everything-you-need-in-one kit.


Cool Dozen Storm Products

These are really cool products. Some hi tech; some so simple, so versatile, but rarely remembered.

igloo cooler charger weather station

70 Storm Essentials

Everything you need to prepare for, live through, and clean up after the storm.

batteries led lantern gas can


Storm Survival Resources

Clicking each of one of these takes you to technical information, tips to make things easier, and supplies you need for each category.

generatorTurn your car into a generator.
generatorStay informed. Get a radio.
generatorConserve batteries, use LEDs.
generatorBatteries power everything.
fire extinguisherCO detector and fire extinguisher are essential.
heaterKeep your family and home warm and safe.
oil lampEmergency lighting that is always ready.
drain stopperStore water. Fill the tub.
ice packIce saves food and money.
propane gasTurn your grill into your kitchen.
gas canGas up!
first aidPersonal safety and hygiene come first.
multi-toolThe right tool for the job.
duck tapeEverything but the kitchen sink.

Storm Supply Checklist

checkboxA quick, easy, checklist to make sure you have what you need when you need it. The list includes local emergency numbers for your use. View Our Storm Survival Checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

During our storm experiences have we gathered a lot of useful information?  You bet we have.  As our customers prepare for a storm event, Woodstock Hardware is asked a wide range of questions.  And we have the answers.  Here are just a few.

Q: How long does a one pound can of propane last?

A: According to,  a 16.4- oz can of propane lasts 4.3 hours on high and 9.25 hours on low settings.  That information sure comes in handy when planning how long your propane stoves, lanterns, and heaters will operate on one canister of propane.

Click here to view other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Emergency Reference Library


Because we care. Valuable storm preparedness and survival information has been compiled by many Federal and State agencies, as well as universities and product manufacturers. To help you prepare and survive the next storm event, Woodstock Hardware has assembled a list of valuable references - we've compiled the best, from the best - for your review and use.

Click here to view links to other valuable information to help you, your family, and your home prepare and survive the next storm event.

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