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Woodstock Hardware provides light bulbs to homeowners, local businesses, and commercial and industrial customers. We carry a wide range of lightbulbs including standard bulbs, compact fluorescent, cfls, dimmable compact fluorescent, incandescent long-life, decorative light bulbs, globe bulbs, floodlights, and heat lamps.

Woodstock Hardware stocks trouble-free, long lasting, environmentally friendly fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs are some of our most popular sellers because they do the job at an affordable price without harming the earth. Did you know that by using fluorescent light bulbs, one hotel chain was able to prevent over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide from escaping into the air and impacting global warming? And that's just one business. Multiply that times all the eco-friendly light bulbs in America and you’ll get a truly significant total.

For outdoor illumination, track lighting, or accent lighting, halogen bulbs can't be beat. These bulbs are also popular for use in store merchandising. Halogen light bulbs deliver a focused beam of “whiter” light right where you need it. Woodstock Hardware has the halogen bulb you are looking for. We stock halogen light bulbs including, par16, par20, par30, par36, par38, and bipin halogen bulbs. We also have mr8, mr11, and mr16 halogen bulbs, too.

From environmentally friendly fluorescent light bulbs to festive Christmas lights, Woodstock Hardware has a huge variety of ways to illuminate your home or business.

Here are just some of the products you will find on our online store:

Soft white incandescent
Recessed spot bulbs
Recessed flood bulbs
Reveal incandescent
Appliance bulbs
Night lights

Dimmable CFLs
Plug in fluorescent
Standard CFLs
Fluorescent tubes
Recessed CFLs
Vanity bulbs

Low voltage
Halogen bulbs
Circleline fluorescent
Full spectrum bulbs
Emergency light bulbs
Shatter resistant bulbs

Colored spot light bulbs
Colored part bulbs
Heat lamp bulbs
Grow lights

Shop Light Bulbs Online

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