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Woodstock Hardware's lawn and garden department meets the needs of the gardening professional as well as those with casual yard care. We work hard to make sure you have the lawn and garden supplies you need.

We carry a wide range of supplies to plant, fertilize, grow, nurture, and protect your grass, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. Woodstock Hardware is proud to offer a full line of conventional products while continuously expanding our selection to include new natural and organic products.

As demand increases for "earth friendly" gardening supplies, new products become available each year that work well and are cost effective. These products now accomplish the same goals as the traditional products but are safer for the environment, the local wildlife, and the user.

We offer a wide selection of small engine power tools for your lawn and garden needs including brush cutters, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and more. Many of these products come in both gas-powered or electric versions. For more information on the maintenance and care of these products, please visit our Small Engine page.

Here are just some of the products you will find on our online store:

Weed cloth
Bulb planters

Hand trowels/weeders
Fencing and fence posts
Long handle tools
Soil and soil amendments
Power tools

Hoses, nozzles, and sprinklers
Grass seed/spreaders
Animal deterrents
Wheelbarrows and carts
Pump sprayers

Pruners and trimmers
Composting bins
Rain barrels
Watering cans Tarps
Work gloves


Our natural and organic products include


Soils and soil amendments



Shop Lawn & Garden Online

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