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Woodstock Hardware has such a diverse inventory of supplies you need to make your house a home. Do you need to get rid of the ants on the kitchen counter or the mice the under the sink? Maybe you need to correct the humid musty conditions in your basement. Is it time to replace that rusty shower curtain rod? Maybe you need an electric heater to keep those troublesome pipes from freezing. Do you need a shopvac to clean out the garage and trunk of your car? These are just a few questions that we can help you find answers for at Woodstock Hardware.

Our goal at Woodstock Hardware is to stock the widest variety of best quality products that you can use in your home and office. Whether you need to protect, maintain, or just better use your living and work space, Woodstock Hardware can help.

Need to get rid of a few tiny, furry pests? We carry both electronic and fragrant deterrents to help rid you of your mouse problem. Do you prefer the old-fashioned mousetraps? Or maybe you like to use a Hav-a-heart trap. How about a trap that is easy to set? We have many options for meeting your pest control needs.

Here are just some of the products you will find on our online store:

Brooms, mops, sponges
Clothes line supplies
Laundry baskets
Window blinds and shades
Safety gates

Heaters, Vacuums
Shopping carts
Bathroom Accessories

Shower rods, liners, and hooks
Ironing boards
Clothes drying racks
Wood and wire shelving

Curtains & Shades
Storage & organization
Toilet bowl brushes

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