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Woodstock Hardware provides a wide range of eco-friendly products and technical expertise that will help you lower your environmental impact, reduce your carbon footprint, and make educated decisions about the products you buy.

We offer a wide selection of safer alternatives that are less toxic and equally effective. So whether you are painting a room, waxing your floor, or heating the house, we have everything you need to get the job done safely. And if you are trying to reduce your energy consumption or implement energy saving practices, we have both the supplies and technical expertise to help.

Our inventory includes products that are both made from organic and natural materials, plus we have a full line of products that can help transform your home or workplace into an eco-friendly environment. Please click here to find Woodstock Hardware's list of reasons why you should consider green ideas in different areas of your home and office life.

At Woodstock Hardware, a product is identified as being "green" if it supports one or more of the following criteria:

There are many different ways to implement green-living ideas into your daily life. You can click here to find more than one hundred tips and practices you can implement in your household, school, or community to help save our planet.

So whether you're looking to save energy in your home, lessen water consumption in your work place, garden using natural and organic practices, or just live a low-impact lifestyle, find it here at Woodstock Hardware.

Here are just some of the green products you will find on our online store:

Rain barrels
Organic pesticides
Compost bins
Natural fertilizers
Compost accelerator
Eco-friendly insecticides
Zero-VOC paint
Paint removers

Natural lump charcoal
Natural home cleaners
Food growing supplies
Organic pesticides
Organic animal repellent
Water/mold test kits
Natural grill cleaner
Reel lawn mowers

Hand sickles
Hand pruners
Hot water heater timers
Light timers
Spray insulation
Solar powered bug zappers
Weather stripping

Low flow showerheads
Allergen house filters
Soaker hose
Programmable thermostats
Hand crank flashlight
Recycle bins
Natural animal repellent
LED Christmas lights

Shop Green Living Online

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