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When it comes to working on a project there may not be anything more important than having a good pair of gloves. Whether you are gardening, shoveling snow, working on the car, piling wood, unloading a truck, or just trying to keep your hands out of that slimy nasty stuff, Woodstock Hardware has the gloves you want and need.

And Woodstock Hardware carries a full selection of both Men's and Women's work gloves in sizes from small to x-large. So choose from various styles, sizes and coatings to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. Woodstock Hardware can help you and your hands remain comfortable, dry and safe through even the toughest work days.

Here are just a few of the Work & Garden Gloves on our online store:

  • Single pairs, bags, and boxes of disposable latex and nitrile gloves
  • Leather driving gloves
  • Latex coated, regular and insulated, work gloves
  • Nitrile work and garden gloves
  • Heavy duty mechanics gloves
  • Longer length, heavy duty, rubber coated work gloves
  • Regular and insulated jersey gloves
  • Heat resistant and welding gloves=-

Here is a fun fact about the history of gloves. The first work gloves were likely used by the Norse between the 8th and 11th centuries. They were used to protect the hands from extreme northern temperatures, and were more like modern mittens than the gloves used today. During the 16th century, leather gloves become popular in falconry as a means to protect the trainer’s hands from his bird’s talons. Similarly, metal gloves were developed to protect knights’ hands from injury while jousting or engaging in active combat. Today, the basic design for gloves is the same with modern improvements to protect hands from a variety of work hazards.

So no matter what your project, or how slimy, or nasty that stuff is you have to put your hands in, Woodstock Hardware has the gloves you need.

And don't forget Woodstock Hardware has a complete line of personal safety products to help you with all your project needs. Including; safety glasses, ear plugs and muffs, coveralls, hard hats, shoe guards, dust masks, and respirators. See all of our Personal Protection & Safety Department.

Shop Gloves: Work & Garden Online

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