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Woodstock Hardware maintains a full line of canning supplies to meet your needs.

This includes a full line of Ball canning products, from mason jars 4 oz. to one-half gallon, jar lids and bands, funnels, pectins, pickling salts, canning recipe books, kitchen utensils, canning kits and more.

Today, you are more likely to see a canning jar at a restaurant serving cola or on a dresser holding coins. But as of late, people are becoming more food conscious, and canning fruits and vegetables is once again a very popular activity.

Home canning is not complicated. It is a simple procedure of applying heat to food in a closed jar in order to interrupt decay. It requires "processing" or "heat processing" foods according to specific guidelines.

So if you are thinking about canning for the first time, a novice who made their first batch of pickles and jelly last year, or an expert who cans much of their family's vegetables, let Woodstock Hardware serve as your canning supply center.

Here are just some of the products you will find on our online store:

Eight varieties of canning jars
Replacement lids
Canning wax


Canning starter kits
Canning books
Zip lock bags

Freezer bags
Food scales
Food storage containers

Shop Canning & Preserving Supplies Online

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