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Our automobile and truck supplies department incorporates a wide variety of products. This includes fluids—such as oil and transmission fluid—cleaning products to care for your vehicle's leather, hitch balls, wire harnesses, or ratchet straps to outfit a new trailer. These supplies are not only essential to help maintain your vehicle, they can also be used outside the auto and truck world.

Over the years auto body filler has been found to be one of best exterior wood fillers available when filling rotten wood. Body filler became so widely used as a wood filler that the Minwax company developed a two part epoxy filler and now labels it for sale in the wood filler department. Professionals in the HVAC field have used carburetor cleaner for years to clean oil residue and grime off of heating parts. And car waxes have been developed into glass wax that can be used to protect shower doors against soap build up. As you can see, auto and truck supplies have a wide range of uses.

So whether you are looking for a vital engine fluid, planning on washing and waxing your car, or trying to install those new trailer lights, stop by Woodstock Hardware, and let us give you a hand. We have the supplies and technical expertise to meet your project needs.

Fun fact: Where did the product name WD-40 come from? According to the WD-40 Company, the name "WD-40" originated in 1953 when the product was first developed. The company, originally known as the "Rocket Chemical Company," was trying to design a protectant for metal parts on rockets to prevent rust and corrosion by displacing water ("WD" stands for water displacement.) The "40" indicates that the formula was the 40th attempt to get it right.

Here are just some of the products you will find on our online store:

Body filler
Brake fluid
Fiberglass repair kits Oil and transmission fluid
Polishing and buffing compounds
Oil treatment Soap and waxes

Gas treatment Engine degreaser
Tire care
Jumper cables
Leather and upholstery cleaners Battery chargers

Chrome and black vinyl cleaners Inverters
Ball hitches
Ratchet straps
Trailer lights and wire harnesses
Bunge cords/tie downs

Replacement auto bulbs
Plug and glass style fuses
Spray undercoating Rust inhibitor
Small engine repair

Shop Auto & Truck Supplies Online

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