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go green houseNo matter what your school colors are, go green with eco-friendly options. Our green spirit items are marked by this green house.

bed riser   security chest   e-clothgo green house

Bed Risers

$11.99 / 634476


Lift your dorm bed off the floor by about 6" and create more room for storage. Keep out-of-season clothes, extra office supplies, shoes, a lockbox safe, stacks of books, and storage containers out of sight and under the bed.


Lockbox Safe

$34.99 / 970646


Nothing against your room mates, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Have this small lock box your first day in the dorm and put it under the bed. Keep cards, jewelry, your passport, cash and other valuables safely hidden away.


E-cloth Microfiber

$7.99 / TAD10602


The ultimate green-cleaner! E-cloths clean just about everything and anything with only water (desks, dressers, bathrooms) — no sprays or other cleansers needed. It even lifts 99% of bacteria; great for door handles when the roomie starts sneezing.


utility hooks   botifilter water filtergo green house   power strip

Command Utility Hooks

$3.99 / 601708


Chances are you're not allowed to hammer nails in your dorm room wall. These durable yet easy-to-remove adhesive strips make it easy to personalize your space: put up posters, photos, and notes without damaging walls.



BotlFilter Portable Water Filter

$14.99 / H11005


The BotlFilter is a portable, safe, and easy to use water filtration system that reduces unwanted chlorine, pesticides, and detergents from your water. Place a filter bag in its case, drop it in any refillable water bottle, shake, and the carbon filters remove impurities.


6 Outlet Surge Strip/Protector

$8.99 / 543241


The dorm may have been built in your parent's day, but you need a connection to today's digital world. But if you're sharing a dorm with another tech-savvy student, you don't want to argue over outlets. Charge all your gadgets with one outlet.

duct tape   flash drive - 8 GBgo green house   battery chargergo green house

Duct Tape

$6.59 / 440884


This is a no-brainer yet students forget: This muiltipurpose tape can fix almost anything. Repair a broken chair leg, rebind your falling-apart notebooks, gather and bind wires or computer cables - the options are endless.



8 GB USB drive

$24.99 / 500021


Don't print out that ten-page paper and risk losing it between your dorm and the library. Save trees and save it to a USB drive for extra backup. Keep that USB drive on a lanyard or keychain and always have your work at-hand.


Energizer Smart Battery Charger

$25.99 / 810460


Digital cameras and other portable devices go through batteries faster than the blink of an eye. Instead of buying endless quantities of disposable batteries, this charger - which includes 4 rechargable AA bateries - lets you reuse your AAs or AAAs.

tower fan   hanging organizer   water bottle - stainlessgo green house

Tower Fan

$39.99 / 507026


Too hot? Not much to do about it. We've been told these fans have saved many a student during a warm fall (don't forget, you still have a month left of summer in the early fall semester) and especially spring finals.



Hanging Shoe Organizer

$9.99 / 632596


This hanging organizer attaches to any closet rod and helps you save space. Ideal for storing shoes (up to 10 pairs), sweaters, books, bins and baskets full of accessories or school supplies, and so much more. Dimensions: 46" H x 5.25" W x 12" D


Contour Travel Mug- Stainless

$16.99 / OG5080.0


Keep that coffee hot through the end of class with this stainless steel contour travel mug. It’s a great mug that will keep your hot drinks stay hot and your cold beverages frosty. Also comes in red, gun metal, and black.

shower caddy   over door rack   travel muggo green house

Shower Caddy

$9.99 / ID79133


Taking your shampoos, soaps, and toiletries to and from the community showers just got easier. Our Orbz Divided Flex Shower Basket features divided compartments that make it easy to organize your shower supplies in a fun carry-all tote.


6 Hook Over-Door Rack

$14.99 / 603760


Save floorspace by using hanging hooks, such as this durable over-the-door rack. It features 6 hooks to hang towels, purses, robes, backpacks, hoodies, coats, and much more. Its shiny chrome exterior goes great with any décor.


Travel Mug

$24.99 / 624934


Keep that coffee hot through the end of class with this stainless steel travel mug by the trusted Thermos brand. It features vacuum insulation technology, which means it your hot drinks stay hot and your cold beverages remain frosty. 16 oz.


Dorm Survival Kits & Care Packages

college dorm survival kit7 themed kits for dorm living. Everything packed in one container. Pick one or more. Perfect for gifts and care packages too.
Each is Shipped FREE

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Dorm Essentials

50 Items students voted most needed for Dorm living. Check out this complete list of Dorm Essentials. 

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