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A gourmet kitchenware shop located upstairs in Woodstock Hardware. We carry more than 2,700 items – from the hottest brand names and gadgets to traditional, tried-and-true products.

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Vince’s Winter Maintenance Tips

As soon as the grass reappears and at the earliest hint of warm temperatures everyone wants to plant grass seed and start paint outside.


No matter how hard you work if your soil pH is not right your grass seed will not grow. So you can get started on testing your soil pH and making adjustments – locally you are going to need lime to raise the pH. Check out our 10 important points about planting grass seed in Woodstock Hardware’s Everything You Need To Know About Planting Grass Seed.


As you jump into your outdoor painting projects take a look at Woodstock Hardware’s Painting Tips and review the Exterior Tip Section for a few helpful ideas. Our Deck Cleaning and Staining Guidelines will also give you a few ideas of how to successfully complete those early painting projects. 

Whether you plant grass seed or start exterior painting we have the products and expertise to help you succeed!

Vince’s Spring Maintenance Tips

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Keep up with removing snow and ice from your driveway and sidewalks. Remember, regardless of how you decide to live, your home needs to be easily accessible to fire and emergency personnel, and your gas or oil company. Help out your oil/gas delivery man and shovel a path to your oil or gas tank. And, to keep your newly shoveled paths ice-free, check out our environmentally friendly and pet-safe ice melt.



Unpack your humidifier. Disinfect and replace any filters, and remove mineral build in warm-mist humidifiers. We carry a large selection of small home appliances including cool and warm mist humidifiers in our home environment department. Some facts to remember when purchasing a humidifier – warm mist humidifiers are best for small areas like bedrooms or offices whereas cool mist humidifiers work well in larger areas like whole houses or buildings.

Diane’s Kitchen Tips:

Tip 1: Bake pies in glass pie pans. They heat more evenly than tin, and when your pie is perfectly golden brown all over, you’ll be able to see that!

Tip 2: Clean a cast iron pan with salt. It’s a fast and easy way to soak up the oils that can go rancid in the pan. Do not use soap, which breaks down the seasoning and will make your pan rusty.

Top 3 Departments

To help you eliminate pests, insects and rodents, we stock an extensive inventory of organic, natural, and chemical products manufactured by Bonide, Terro, Fresh Cab, Dear Defeet, Victor, and others.

Now’s the time everyone wants to caulk, fill or glue something together. Caulk around a tub, patch a hole, or use our rodent retardant spray insulation. Our adhesive and glue selection is second to none!

With changes in energy legislation, extinction of regular incandescent bulbs, short lived CFL’s and advancement in quality LED bulbs, buying a light bulb can be confusing. We can help! We’ve kept up with, and stock, all the changes.

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