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Vince’s Fall Maintenance Tips

Raking leaves can be an arduous task, but it’s easier with a leaf rake that has a wider tine spread – roughly 30 inches. These rakes will gather more leaves. When looking at plastic rakes choose one that is labelled as no-clog. The tines are angled on these rakes, so they won’t pierce the leaves and create blockages. A metal tine leaf rake may prove to be the best, and your favorite go to rake.

raking leaves

The nights are already getting cooler and cold weather is not far behind. Start getting prepared now. Replace the caulk around your windows and doors to prevent the cold from getting in and your heat from seeping out. The best caulk for that is polyurethane. It’s paintable, doesn’t shrink, and stays flexible. It also adheres better than silicone and doesn’t attract dirt, dust, etc.


Diane’s Kitchen Tips:

Apples are the perfect fall fruit, and they make for an amazing pie filling. But, not every apple is meant for baking. The best ones will keep their structure by preventing the chunks of fruit from turning into bland pockets of apple mush even after spending time in the oven. A go-to baking apple is the Granny Smith!

aerial of apple pie

Prepare for fall baking and cooking with the right tools. A good rule to remember is that oven thermometers can become inaccurate over the years.  Even a new oven can “lie.”  Place a second thermometer in your oven to ensure proper preheating temperatures.  A instant read thermometer will also provide a good internal check of your foods temperature.

tray of muffins coming out of oven

Top 3 Departments

To help you eliminate pests, insects and rodents, we stock an extensive inventory of organic, natural, and chemical products manufactured by Bonide, Terro, Fresh Cab, Dear Defeet, Victor, and others.

Now is the time of year everyone is planting, fertilizing, and getting things to grow! It’s also the time for clean-up and getting rid of those pesky weeds. We have all natural and organic solutions to meet all of your needs.

home thermostat

With everyone’s homes about to be closed up for the cooler weather, now is the time to change air filters, purchase humidifiers, and weatherize your home. We stock everything you’ll need to improve the quality of the environment inside your home.

customer reviews

Just a few of our top name brands: